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Salmon Pants Brewery

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Creating Custom Beer for The People of Allentown!

Growing up in Allentown is definitely an advantage to have when creating new beer for people that haven't tasted quality beer and for those that are accustomed to Craft Beer, we have a plethora a amazing flavors. Salmon Pants Brewery is really for anyone and everyone that loves to drink flavorful beer.

I have only tasted a few samples but they were all great!

Mark H., Google

The owners definitely have a unique vision for their brewery. I see great things happening here in the south side.

Kate D., LinkedIn

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We work with local artist on our design concepts keeping our swag fresh.


We will offer full-time, part-time jobs to local people that need jobs. We also offer internships.

Salmon Pants Beer

take a look at some of our beer that we have to offer. Always the best quality.

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